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Google Changes its Algorithm Again

TAMPA, FLORIDA— Our team of SEO consultants is researching changes to Google’s search algorithm that appear to have taken place in recent weeks.

While these changes adversely affected several of our clients’ appearance in organic search results for a short time, we feel confident that our SEO techniques continue to be viewed by Google as sound, because the lost rankings quickly were regained.

Courtesy of searchnscore.com

A drop in a client’s organic search ranking isn’t something we enjoy sharing, but we do so because it sheds light on three important facts to keep in mind:

1. We monitor our clients’ websites closely and are cognizant of even minor fluctuations. When we notice adverse changes, we work to fix them quickly.
2. Google changes its algorithm constantly and even the best SEO company isn’t capable of predicting when those changes take place and guarding clients from those changes.
3. These constant changes keep us on our toes and drive us to make sure we constantly employ the best SEO techniques for clients.

“We noticed the drops in rankings of some of our clients in the past several weeks and we began looking into the issue immediately,” says Millionairium CEO Ali Husayni. “We updated our clients as we learned more.”

After Google announced on April 24 that it had updated its search algorithm (Penguin), several of our clients experienced a drop in ranking and traffic, says Saeed Khosravi, Millionairium’s operations manager. It marked the first time in our company’s recent history that a Google algorithm update had negatively affected our clients’ rankings.

Millionairium wasn’t the only Internet marketing and SEO firm that noticed changes as a result of the updates. Chris Ratchford, an SEO consultant with Prodentite, a Charlotte-based dental marketing firm, noticed ranking changes among some of his clients. But he isn’t worried.

“I don’t have a cause for concern right now,” Ratchford says. “It’s just something to be mindful of.”

He believes clients with geographical keywords are affected less than non-geotargeted keywords. For example, there are only so many Charlotte dentists, so there is a finite amount of businesses competing for similar keywords. Expand the competition globally to keywords such as “Invisalign” or “cosmetic dentist” and it’s easy to see how competing sites’ rankings could be more drastically affected.

“I haven’t seen a great deal of change, but some clients dropped a couple spots since February,” says Ratchford. “These algorithmic updates shouldn’t be viewed as a penalty; it’s more of an adjustment, from what I’ve been able to gather.”

These changes drive home- yet again- the importance of developing fresh content.

“It’s never a good strategy to just sit there and let things happen,” Ratchford says. “For clients who’ve been affected by this latest update, this is a good opportunity to identify what’s going on in their businesses and write about it on their website’s blog.”

Matt Cutts with Google’s anti-spam team explained recently that Google has rolled back some of its spam filters, particularly the one that once gigged websites for having URLs with long-tail keywords in them. Here’s an example:

Earlier this year, a website with a URL such as “bostoninvisiblebracesprovider.com” likely would have been punished by Google in terms of organic search results if that site wasn’t a site truly dedicated to providing invisible braces treatment and didn’t have lots of original content related to this topic.

In cities where low-quality sites such as this existed and we had clients competing for optimum organic search results for a keyword such as “Boston invisible braces provider,” our clients’ websites tended to rank higher.

But this latest change to Google Penguin appears to allow sites with this type of URL to rank high once again.

The experts over at WebProNews report that Google made another 39 algorithm changes in May. Among those changes, Google claimed it made “a couple minor tweaks to improve signals and refresh the data used by the Penguin algorithm.”

Google also said it has “algorithms in place designed to detect a variety of link schemes, a common spam technique. This change ensures we’re using those signals appropriately in the rest of our ranking,” according to a WebProNews article by Chris Crum.

“But some of our clients’ sites that had used “shady” link-building techniques in the past are now ranking better,” Husayni explains. “So, we’re not sure if this new round of algorithm updates truly changes the search results for the better.”

It appears that for the first time, Google has punished white-hat SEO companies by removing some of its anti-spam filters. But we won’t draw any conclusions until we further investigate this new round of updates.

Google Changes its Algorithm Again was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • This is something we continue to research. Generally, it seems most sites influenced by the change had a short fluctuation and then things amended themselves. For them, Penguin was an “adjustment” of somekind. But this wasn’t true in every single case.

    Melina Foxx 6 years ago
  • Great post, very interesting reading those comments from the company CEO\’s on the algorithm update, it\’s a fine example of how Google keeps everyone on their toes and keeps us all guessing and the only certain fact being that if you keep your content interesting and keep adding fresh content you will get noticed. Everything is very much about quality now, thank you for a great post.

    Adam 6 years ago
  • thanks you for this post..

    cân ô tô 7 years ago
  • @Ali Husayni
    not so much, still down. but i figured it was because of the horrible layout i had, which did not affect things before. so i took the site down and am re-posting everything, neater this time. DIVs instead of Tables (SEO formatting) etc.

    mrmarchuk 7 years ago
  • is there anybody have an any idea what to do for being in the first page of google? how can we increase our visitors nubber?

    ali 7 years ago
  • i love google because google is the best. google always devoloping itself.

    ali 7 years ago
    • We agree. Its changes certainly keep us on our toes and working to ensure we always use the best SEO techniques.

  • I hired SEO consultants after we got hit by the Penguin update. These consultants are definitely working to help us get back to where we were. They are continually helping us to regain our rank and showing us ways to improve. I guess the update was a blessing in disguise as now we are finally seeing what we can do better SEO-wise.

    Kelly Jones 7 years ago
  • Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck!

    seo companies 7 years ago
  • 7-11-12; Every day up until today, i\’ve been getting 3xx-5xx unique searches to one of my sites. today, it\’s noon and i\’m up to a whopping 37 unique visits… that\’s a 90% drop, if this continues, by the end of the day, i will have gotten 20% of my usual traffic… has there been a recent google algorithm tweak that noone knows about?

    mrmarchuk 7 years ago
  • i hope this change is not affect with new websites

    France Wagons 7 years ago
  • If google changes its Algorithm, i think it should filter the sites used shady link-building techniques, but Lorrie Walker mentioned: “But some of our clients’ sites that had used “shady” link-building techniques in the past are now ranking better,” Husayni explains. What is the true matter ?

    Thiet ke logo 7 years ago
    • This is something we continue to research. Overall, it appears most sites affected by the change had a brief fluctuation and then things corrected themselves. For them, Penguin was an \”adjustment\” of sorts. But this wasn\’t true in every single case.

  • Excellent post. Thanx again

    Abogados en Sevilla 7 years ago
  • wow… the pinguin and panda still kill me,, and now its came again the new algorithm … please deh

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