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Google Analytics Adds Social Reports to Measure Your Social Media Efforts

NASHVILLE, TN – So many factors go into Web ranking, and once you’ve set up a solid foundation of clear navigation and relevant content, sharing your information helps people find you.

There are many ways to share, but they’re all basically the same: advertising. You must tell your customers you have a website. You’ll have a Facebook page, maybe a Twitter account. You might pay for a radio ad or a printed coupon in a magazine. All of these are advertising.

Social networks are some weird blend of word-of-mouth advertising and clear self-promotion. The best way to have potential customers find you and trust your content is to act organically. Be educated in your field. Find a connection with your customers between your product and something else they care about.

I was browsing on Google+ when I saw a public post from Google on March 20, 2011. The post, linked to their Google Analytics blog, announced a new way to measure your social media efforts through Google Analytics. These new measurements show up as social reports.

“The Overview report allows you to see at a glance how much conversion value is generated from your social channels,” Google’s Group Project Manager Phil Miu writes. “The Social Value visualization compares the number and monetary value of all your goal completions against those that resulted from social referrals – both as last interaction, and assisted.”

Last Interaction Social Conversion means that through a social media channel, a customer has found your website and converted without straying from your site. Assisted Social Conversion means that someone converts who had visited your website earlier through a social channel.

This will mean that businesses will know where their most loyal (and highest purchasing) customers are coming from. Social media results will be clearer, and your efforts can be spent on the mediums that drive the highest results.

Social Media Conversation BubblesOne interesting thing I read discussed the Activities Stream, which lets us know how our content is being shared and discussed on other social websites. The downside of this is that four of the biggest players – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest – aren’t part of the Analytics Social Data Hub, but you can see how frequently users on sites like Google+, Meetup, Digg, Reddit, TypePad, AllVoices, Blogger and Delicious are sharing and discussing your content.

Why Optimizing Your Business’s Website is More Important than Ever

Google Analytics project marketing manager Adam Singer writes a post on the Future Buzz about the latest social analytics features. Singer believes that these statistics will show how important your individual website really is compared to saturated social networks.

“We’ve been arguing at the Future Buzz that your owned presence (like your website or blog) should be where you focus activities for years,” says Singer. “External social communities aren’t where conversions happen anyway. It should be pretty obvious, but we have to say it again because some people are still confused or looking in all the wrong places: your website or blog (a place where you control the templates, Calls To Action, etc.) is where the most possible users convert and where your business is best poised to capture value.”

You may have 50,000 likes on Facebook or 20,000 Twitter shares, but those numbers don’t show how many fans or likes lead to actual conversions. And in the end, it’s all about results.

SEO specialists like the ones here at Millionairium can optimize your business’s website for search engines, increasing exposure and driving potential clients to your doorstep. Millionairium’s CEO, Ali Husayni, believes that companies should be proactive in their SEO efforts.

“You cannot just sit and wait for others to link their sites to yours,” Husayni says. “That simply won’t happen. In a world where there are thousands of new sites built everyday, your prospective site visitors have no way of finding you to read your content.”

With an all-inclusive SEO strategy and inclusion of social media, Google Analytics will show you how your efforts are paying off with real results. Contact Millionairium today to see what our SEO team can do for your business.

Google Analytics Adds Social Reports to Measure Your Social Media Efforts was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
  • I have a Google adwords account and am doing campaigns, but still am not getting customers. Busting my site… is there something wrong that am doing? Please advise as this is becoming a frustration even after submitting the site to many search engines and social networks. Please advice on what to do next to win people visit my site

    michael 7 years ago
    • Hi Michael,

      I am sorry to hear about your frustrations regarding Google adwords. SEO is a process that is not an overnight achievement. With that said, there is a lot to be gained from patience and from getting help from experts. To see if our SEO specialists can help you, please fill out our Contact Us form at: https://www.millionairium.com/contact-form.php.

      Thanks for reading,

      Megan Reilly 7 years ago
  • Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for great information. I am using Google Analytics, but I am unable to find out the reports of social media. Can you please help me in this regard or give me a direct link to the report.

    Waqas Nawaz 7 years ago
  • The importance of social media is fact and I have already analyzed the power of social media like you said in this article but as far as Google Analytic concerned, I am still struggling as I don\’t have much time to go beyond the limits. Nevertheless Thanks for sharing and persuading to the best SEO activities.

    Shahzad Bashir 7 years ago