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Free SEO Tips Friday: Read Funny Comic Strips for a Higher Google Ranking

SANTA MONICA, CA – Although SEO is a serious time commitment, there are some lighthearted moments. From realizing that rankings can become a roller coaster ride if you check them moment-to-moment, to comedic commentary on just how perhaps overly personal searches have become (as outlined in our recent article, Search, Plus Your World), here are a few funnies to start your weekend off on a happy, lighter note.

The Rankings Game: Rankings Rollercoaster Comic StripWhat happens when we get addicted to checking our placement on Google’s search results? A wonderful comic strip by BigOakInc.com showcases the dangers of checking your rankings too often.

So how do you avoid this roller coaster? Our client CariniAir.com is a good example of what having the right attitude about the nature of changing rankings does for peace of mind. Doug Cooper, the VP of Marketing for CariniAir.com, has been working with Millionairium for a relatively short period of time, and was supportive of our efforts, which landed him the top spot in Google Maps and Google Places. Cooper understands that rankings fluctuate slightly, but keeps it positive about the big gains in his website rankings.

“Finally achieving the top spot on Google Maps for our most important keywords is a dream come true. Everyone at Carini Heating and Air is very excited and grateful to Millionairium for their continued hard work and persistence,” Cooper says.

When The Use of Highly Competitive Keywords Goes Wrong: Again, BigOakInc.com makes a great point about overusing keywords by inserting them into a conversation between coworkers at an SEO company.

Comic Stip about overusing links and keywordsWhile funny, this comic strip emphasizes that White Hat SEO techniques are so important for higher rankings, because Black Hat SEO simply defeats the purpose of keywords, because keyword stuffing without anything to back up those keywords is simply bad practice. According to Husayni, Black Hat SEO techniques include any techniques that use spam, cheap links and poor or irrelevant content just to get a higher ranking, and these techniques just hurt you in the long run. As you ruminate over the free SEO advice that you’ve learned about while reading these comic strips, also keep in mind that SEO efforts count for your blog content as well, Husayni advises.

“Blogs seem to be an important part of any site because they get updated on a regular basis,” Husayni says. “I suggest site owners should write for their sites on a regular basis. The more fresh, quality and relevant content they post to their sites, the better chances of exposure and inclusion on Google search results they will have.”

Free SEO Tips Friday: Read Funny Comic Strips for a Higher Google Ranking was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • For a freshly made website, how long would it take to get fully optimized? (Increased in traffic, keyword rankings)

    David, Smoothstack 3 months ago
    • SEO is an ongoing task as Google changes its algorithm and new technology become available all the time. But you could potentially optimize a small-size site within a few days – full-time.

      Ali Husayni 2 months ago
    • Hi David. SEO is an ongoing task. But a one-time optimization would take between 50-100 hours of work.

      Ali Husayni 4 weeks ago
  • Given that 6/9 of the domains that rank for the keworyd SEO do not have the particular KW in the url, I would say it quite possible to rank for the keworyd SEO within a realistic timeframe like 6-8 months(assuming there is a correlation between keworyd in the url and ranking, and that you are able to obtain a local keworyd optimised url).

    Sena 7 years ago
  • i agree with you ali, my blog is regularly update, it\’s still 1 month old but already got good traffic, because i updated it daily with fresh and unique content.

    Crocs Murah 7 years ago