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Finding the Right SEO Company: Reviewing TopSEOs.Com

TAMPA, FLORIDA- When you’re looking for a company to improve your Web presence, you have many choices. So where do you start? A company with a proven track record of results is a good place.

You could find a company that fits that bill through TopSEOs. But there’s a catch: TopSEOs charges a standard fee for companies to be included in their evaluation.

Courtesy of topseos.com

TopSEOs was established in 2002 and has been identified as an independent authority on vendors who supply Internet marketing products and services, according to their website. Their proprietary analysis tools and methodology, developed over multiple years, include an extensive, rigorous evaluation rating system that is applied to each company that is identified and researched.

“Our evaluations save businesses time, money and stress of using a trial and error system to find the best Internet marketing agency or tool for their Web marketing needs,” says TopSEOs Managing Partner Jeev Trika. “At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to recommend the absolute best tools and companies based on merit.”

There are five key areas identified by TopSEOs as significant for a successful SEO campaign:

• Needs analysis
• Keyword analysis
• On-page optimization
• Off-page optimization
• Reporting methods

Reporting methods are a highly important part of the relationship between an SEO company and its clients. Do the reports provide clear and concise content that is valuable to the reader? Does the firm offer suggestions on where to go next?

We have not registered with TopSEOs.com because we already get enough interest through our own reputation, says Millionairium CEO Ali Husayni. However, we do follow what TopSEOs is looking for, and we view TopSEOs as a reputable and honest firm.

“That’s what we’re looking for in a company that evaluates others,” Husayni says.

But he goes on to say because of TopSEOs’ pay-per-evaluation policy, it doesn’t give a clear picture of which companies truly rank the best.

“They’re only looking at those companies that pay for their services,” Husayni says. “They’re missing out on really good SEO companies such as ours and their audience doesn’t get to see and compare our company with the rest.”

As in any transaction, it’s buyer beware.

“The mere fact that TopSEOs is referring a company doesn’t mean they will provide top SEO services,” says Husayni. “We’ve had incidents where individuals have left a company recommended by TopSEOs because they were less than happy with the results of their work.”

TopSEOs maintains their independent status by accepting no advertising from Internet marketing agencies or software developers that provide services or products in the categories they evaluate. Time is spent gathering information from a number of clients of Internet marketing services to supplement their direct testing of information provided by and of Internet marketing providers and professionals. They gather the experiences of users of Internet marketing tools and of the services provided to clients through their extensive referral questionnaire, as well as talking directly to clients to receive the client’s informed opinion.

Husayni adds, “If and when we feel the need to expand our exposure, we will certainly consider TopSEOs.”

Millionairium is available to help and results are 100 percent guaranteed. Contact us today.

Finding the Right SEO Company: Reviewing TopSEOs.Com was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by David Chapman
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