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Embedded Blogs Are An Integral Aspect of SEO

TAMPA, FLORIDA – Search engine optimization is all about figuring out what search engines want most and implementing those strategies on a website, which is precisely what Ali Husayni and his SEO team are doing with Millionairium.

One thing Google loves most is fresh textual content, according to Saeed Khosravi, the company’s operational manager. The SEO marketing service uses WordPress blogs to get and keep their clients on the first page of the search engine results (SERs).

Husayni and his SEO team are always monitoring updates to Google algorithms so they can adjust their strategies and stay on the cutting edge of SEO. Right now, Husayni says WordPress blogs are an important part of SEO techniques.

“By incorporating a blog into a website and posting unique content on a regular basis, you will feed Google with what it likes most and will convince the search engine to crawl your site more often,” says Khosravi, an expert in organic SEO.

The sub-directory setup, or embedded option, is what gives the most benefit for search engine optimization. An embedded blog helps the ranking of the associated site, whereas blogs set up on a sub-domain do not because they are treated as a separate domain by Google and other search engines.

An embedded blog URL looks like this: www.millionairium.com/blog. Any other format, for example blog.millionairium.com, means the blog is setup as a sub-domain.

“If clients already have a blog, we optimize it to meet their SEO needs, but if they don’t, we will set up their blog as part of our SEO services,” says Husayni, who is a leading resource for businesses seeking SEO outsourcing services.

Millionairium uses the clients’ blogs to continuously update the site and provide readers with quality content, which increases online recognition and establishes their sites as a main source of information in their respective markets.

Each new post gives another opportunity to add keywords to the URL, title, description and keywords. This is a recent post about ranking on Google places by Husayni on the Millionairium blog as an example.

URL: https://www.millionairium.com/google-places-is-where-you-need-to-be/

<title> How to Get Your Website High on Google Places | Millionairium.com</title>

<meta name="description" content="Small businesses can increase their chances of success and prosperity by ranking well on Google's first page. In local markets, that'd be Google Places. Learn how to get there." />

<meta name="keywords" content="1st page of google,ali husayni,google places,google seo,optimization,orthodontics seo,seo,top of google" />

WordPress has features and functions built in that are automatically set up for SEO. The blog will guide spiders through the posts, pages and categories, quickly and easily gathering information about what to include in the search engine’s index, according to Husayni.

Setting up a WordPress blog does not have to be time consuming, but Khosravi stresses the importance of the blog looking the same as the site to maintain a cohesive aesthetic. There is a famous five-minute WordPress installation with step-by-step instructions on the company’s site.

Some web hosting providers set up WordPress for their clients for no charge. There are also many tutorials and videos online explaining how to set up a WordPress blog. Google has a starter guide that includes explanation, how-to and best practices for basic SEO techniques.

“For those with limited budget, my suggestion is to install a WordPress blog, use a free theme and just focus time and energy on writing quality posts,” says Khosravi.

Because WordPress is essentially a content management system, it is also a great option for people who do not have a website but want to get one and start search engine optimization right away with WordPress. The company or business can use the blog as their website. Khosravi says there is no drawback from a SEO perspective to running an entire site on WordPress.

Husayni’s e-book, “Google SEO Secrets Revealed,” helps small business owners determined to bring their business to the top of Google search results with more than a hundred tips about SEO that they can implement themselves.

“At the end of the day, a website with high quality content of any kind and strong back-links is the winner of the Google game,”   Khosravi says. “But having an active WordPress blog can make things a lot easier and in some competitive markets having a blog is a crucial and determining factor.”

Learn More
To learn more about Millionairium’s business SEO services, visit: www.millionairium.com. Alternatively, you can call the company’s toll free phone support service at 1-877-932-6559 or call internationally at +1-303-932-6559 with any questions or to schedule a free consultation with Ali Husayni.

Embedded Blogs Are An Integral Aspect of SEO was last modified: September 11th, 2018 by Millionairium
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    I receive many Trackbacks & Pingbacks on my WordPress blog. I want to know that whether I should approve these Pingbacks & Trackbacks or not… these pingbacks and trackbacks contains the links of external websites… and how do these help with SEO? Thanks!

    Ali 7 years ago
    • Hi Ali,

      Trackbacks and Pingbacks are mostly to verify authenticity of website comments, and if a ton of spammed comments go without being moderated, this will impact your SEO efforts negatively. Thank you for this comment. I am writing a blog about Trackbacks and Pingbacks for bloggers today, based on your comment.

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