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Duplicate Content – Your #1 SEO Enemy

If your dental site has duplicate content, it will be penalized by Google and pushed down on the search results.

Back in the university I learned that if you copy a text from a book or an article into your own work, you must cite the source. If you didn’t do that, you were plagiarizing and would get an F.

Google is the largest library of text on the planet with over 30 trillion unique pages already indexed. The algorithm works by sorting these pages based on 1) relevancy to the search query and 2) popularity of that page.

Google also has many penalization factors in place mainly to prevent spammers from placing their clients’ irrelevant or unpopular sites on top of the search results. One of the most important of these penalization factors is duplicate content.

Duplicate content refers to one or few sentences of text that are identical across two or more pages.

Google equates duplicate content on a site to plagiarism even if the site owner is unaware that duplicate content exists on his/her site. So it is crucial for your practice to look for duplicate content every few months as others maybe copying your text.

How Do I Know if My Site Has Duplicate Content?

This video shows you how you can look for duplicate content on your site:

So simply go to one of your site pages and copy a couple of sentences. Make sure these phrases don’t have your practice’s name, your name or anything specific to your practice in them.

Then go on Google search and put that same phrase within quotations in the search box and search.

Three things may happen:

You don’t see any results. This means Google has not been able to index that particular page. In this case, you need to consult with an SEO company.

You see only one result. That must be the same page you copied/pasted the phrase from. If your site is the only site showing up, you have nothing to worry about.

You see more than one search result. This shows that your site’s text is copied on other sites.

Solution to Duplicate Content:

If you see that your site has duplicate content simply hire a copy-writer to rewrite the text of your site. Once you approve the text then have your Webmaster or SEO company replace the text on your site.

Duplicate Content – Your #1 SEO Enemy was last modified: September 18th, 2018 by Ali Husayni
  • Correct !! Creating unique and engaging content is the best way to increase your online presence and drives relevant traffic to your site.

    David Smith 3 years ago