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Do You Want More Customers? Changing May Be the Solution!

A few days ago, I had a meeting with one of our clients, his partners and website designer. We had been working with them for a couple of months and we had measured their site’s conversion rate at merely 1.1% (to learn about conversion rate and conversion rate monitoring, watch this webinar). Their website’s conversion rate was much lower than the average conversion rate (2-3%).

I explained to them that the reason their site’s conversion rate was low was that most Internet user’s span of attention had shrunk by half in just three years from 12 seconds in 2010 to merely six seconds in 2013. As our brains process the information faster and filter unwanted or useless information, we don’t have time to waste reading non-relevant information to find what’s relevant. We simply quit.

Further, I explained that another reason for the site not being as successful today is that 41% of their audience was using mobile devices to access the site and the site was not mobile-friendly. Our other clients’ sites are getting 3-5% conversion rate. With a 1.1% conversion rate, the practice is wasting money advertising on Adwords and paying for SEO.

“We like our website,” one of the doctors emphasized. “It has worked in the past and we don’t want to invest in redesigning it.”

I was perplexed that this particular partner of the practice was reluctant to redesign their site in the face of overwhelming evidence that they needed a new site.

I thought about this phenomenon and I realized something very important: he was not flexible to change and he was therefore not doing what was necessary to take advantage of the Internet’s benefits. He simply wanted to stick with a site they had designed years ago that, at some point in history, had given them positive results.

If you are flexible and are ready to change, here are some tips that will help you increase your return on investment (ROI) for your online marketing efforts:


A responsive website adapts to the size of the monitor/device that it is loaded on. This means the site needs to be designed for different devices people use, including smartphones and tablets.

Find out more about what a responsive site is and see how we increased the conversion rate of a site by 84% when we made it mobile-friendly.

Your site also needs to be simple, with minimal text and graphics. Your average audience has an attention span of about six seconds, meaning in six seconds or less, your site should give the following three answers:

– Who you are (name/picture)

– What you do (your specialty)

– What I should do next (call to action)

Conversion Rate Monitoring

Investing money and time on Internet marketing without measuring our site’s conversion rate is like shooting arrows in the dark. We don’t know where they land and whether or not we hit the mark (most likely, we won’t hit the mark).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is perhaps the most changing of all Internet marketing seas. If your SEO company is still “building” links, your site is doomed to be penalized by Google. If you are not writing high-quality content that will be shared by your audience and colleagues, you will fall below those who are doing just that. And finally, if your Internet social status (likes, reviews, pluses) is minimal or non-existent, you’re wasting money with SEO.

Answering Service

Studies show that people and staff do not like answering machines. By listening to our clients calls, we’ve realized that many people simply hang up the phone when they reach an answering machine.

So, the next change you should have made by now is to have a round-the-clock answering service that takes your calls at all times.

The above changes will help you get up-to-date with your Internet marketing campaigns and expect to increase your customer base.

Do You Want More Customers? Changing May Be the Solution! was last modified: July 25th, 2019 by Ali Husayni
  • Nicely done, Ali! Responsive sites are the way to go!

    Alex Nottingham 5 years ago