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Do This to Your Website to Turn Its Traffic into Revenue

TAMPA, FLORIDA – If the only source of content you’re using to engage search engine traffic is your blog, you’re overlooking some valuable tactics and opportunities that can enhance the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Happy customers waiting in line.

Don’t get us wrong, a blog is great, and by regularly updating it with fresh content, you are utilizing one of the best techniques for driving organic traffic to your website. However, there are several other tactics that we believe help improve the results of expert services in SEO  from traffic to sales. Which in the end is the point of SEO, right?

Let’s pretend you are a plastic surgeon. If someone performs a search for a “top plastic surgeon” they are going to find your website on the first page of Google because, not only are you are using an SEO firm that is good at what they do, but one that utilizes the best techniques when it comes to ranking clients organically. When this potential patient arrives at your page, maybe they will read your blog, but more importantly they have just arrived at the page of the “best” plastic surgeon. What else are they going to see besides your polished writing skills that’s going to take them to your contact page – phone in hand -instead of back to their original search to click on another top surgeon’s link?

The following are some Millionairium-approved website additions (besides a regularly updated blog) that help to “seal the deal.”

Testimonials – A customer testimony is like gold when trying to prove yourself to your website’s visitors. Like references on a resume, a customer testimonial gives an unbiased, third party account of your work. Just remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Keep them current; having a long list of testimonies from five years ago makes you seem like you’ve lost your touch.
  • Get permission; have we told you how much we dislike plagiarism of ANY kind?
  • Format; we suggest following Alex Mandossian’s “Before/After/After” format to get testimonials that are beneficial without sounding like paid advertisements.

News coverage – Have you ever had your name on television, the air or in a written publication? Whether it was for your business or not, there is value in this coverage since it provides another third party account of your work or character. This information can be displayed on its own page or used in a press release, which can then be distributed to news sites to gain possible backlinks – we love backlinks and so does Google.

Videos – Videos that work best are in the form of testimonials or you, the face of the business, discussing what you do or a specific topic. Videos are the real factor. While the website visitor can’t reach out and touch you or your past patients, they can see and hear you and that makes an even stronger connection than words on a page. As a bonus, when a patient gets tired of reading they may still have interest enough to watch your video when they would have ordinarily left the page. If a visitor spends a substantial amount of time on a page it tells Google that the page has beneficial information; Google rewards these pages by increasing their rank.

Links to social media outlets – If you have various social media outlets, make sure you provide a link to them on your site. While your site is a place to share your business information that includes services, testimonials and blogs, social media is a place for friendly human interaction. Outlets like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are great ways to generate testimonials, show your human side and spread your name further than local marketing since the person who likes, +1’s or tweets about you also exposes your name to their circle, friends and followers. And don’t forget about Pinterest or Instagram. Pictures are entertaining, which is why these outlets are so popular. Plus, if your visitor is an avid user of any of the same outlets as you, bingo, common interest!

List unique services or practices – No one knows your business’s industry and competition better than you. If you offer a unique service, utilize a breakthrough technique or offer top of the line products, by all means, toot your own horn. You have to assume that the people who visit your site have or will visit other sites before making a final decision. By offering something unique you give them a reason to choose you when they compare your business to others. Their impression they get could include the following:

  • Wow, I’ve never seen that type of guarantee on services, they must really be confident in their abilities.
  • I have never heard of that particular technique, this company obviously stays up-to-date with the changes in their industry.
  • I don’t need all of the services they provide now but, by choosing them, when I do I’ll be purchasing services from a company I already know and trust from past business transactions.

We hope that you found this information helpful and that applying it increases the fruits of your SEO labor. Do you have any questions? Would you like to learn how to establish yourself as an expert in your industry or maybe, about the science behind an effective blog?  Let us know; we’d love to hear from you.

Do This to Your Website to Turn Its Traffic into Revenue was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium
  • Thanks for sharing this informative blog post. You have very approachable tips that have been shared here. Thanks again.

    Kimberly Tocson 6 years ago
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    malia 6 years ago
  • More great information. All fundamentals if you’re looking to turn traffic into £. I have driven serious traffic via Facebook and engaged many customers of a certain age range to follow post etc – Insights is very useful. But as we are aware not all Social Media platforms suit all businesses – knowing that is fundamental for success online………..Thanks for sharing

    limo hire 6 years ago
  • Excellent article. All points of this article are perfect to increase profit through internet marketing.

    Anonymous 6 years ago
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  • Thanks for the info. The tips are very helpful. I will try to follow and see whether i can get get more traffic to my site

    Jamaliah 6 years ago
  • This article is extremely helpful and gave me further insight into how to optimize my site. I totally agree that a website is like a retail outlet and you really need these eye-catchers like videos and testimonials to pull the buyers.

    Jennifer 6 years ago
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