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How Does Updated Content Affect Google Rankings?

We discuss how fresh Web site content can influence a site’s Google rankings.

Ali Husayni

Why Do My Google Search Results Fluctuate?

Many of you may have seen your site’s ranking on…

Ali Husayni

Avoid Duplicate Content by All Means

Having duplicate content has caused many sites to lose their rankings on Google search results. Here are some tips on how to avoid duplicate content.

For a long time paying for links has been a controversial topic in the SEO realm. Here, I lay down the pros and cons as well as techniques to use in order to engage the paid links correctly.

Ali Husayni

Google SEO Secrets Revealed eBook – Released!

The eBook we all anticipated to come out is now available. The introduction is also available for free, so you can see the TOC as well as the layout of the book before you make a decision to purchase.


Top 10 Article Submission Web Sites

Update on August 11, 2018 – We no longer promote…

Ali Husayni

Staying Ahead of the Curve with New SEO Strategies in 2010

With competition catching up to Master Google’s SEO techniques, the Google marketing company is adding new ingredients to their SEO recipe.

Ali Husayni

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google in 2009

A brief description on ups and downs of SEO for the search engine giant, Google, in 2009.

Ali Husayni

Why Organic Link Building Is King of SEO Services

Boosting your Web site’s rank in search engines can be a tangled web to navigate. Not only do you need to optimize your own site, but you need to do extensive organic link building on second party sites. SEO marketing company Master Google explains why.

Ali Husayni

Five Tricks SEO Sales People Play to Make You Buy from Them

SEO companies are like car dealerships. There are honest ones and there are crooks. Just like cars, you don’t know what goes into SEO work, so the SEO guy can easily manipulate and lie to you or sell you something that has little value or benefit, if any.

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