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Importance of call tracking for seo and business

Businesses that depend on phone calls for leads, clients and customers are increasingly making use…

Ludy Yelp

Google SEO Case Study #4: Hoodbuilder.com

HoodBuilder Website Denver, Co.

“Our success as a restaurant service provider is largely due to Ali Husayni and his…


It was 15 years ago when I signed up my first Google SEO client. Then,…

Ludy Yelp

Top SEO Trends and Tips for 2019

Find out which SEO trends will play a crucial role in a site’s ranking success…

Ali Husayni

Pay-Per-Performance Google SEO Case Study 3: HessStudios.Org

“I’m very pleased with this company so far. Ali and the entire team is both…

An SEO client of ours recently asked me to look into their Adwords agency’s performance,…

Jason Little

How Competitive is Your Market for SEO?

Millionairium Pay Per Performance SEO

Getting to the top of Google is no small feat, especially if you operate within…

Ali Husayni

Why Link Building Is Bad for SEO

Link Building - SEO

Image is the courtesy of www.nicestream.com. If your site has ever been ranked at the top…

SEO based on Google Analytics Report

Three years ago, Millionairium Dental SEO constructed a new website for Downtown Ottawa dentist Dr….

Ali Husayni

Reflection on Pay-Per-Performance SEO: Month 4

Actual Client SEO Data based on Google Analytics Report

I have worked in the SEO industry for the past 15-plus years. My focus has…