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Building A Site Google Loves: Writing Great Content (Part Two)

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Hopefully part one of Writing Great Content gave you a clear understanding of the main purpose of SEO Copywriting and how to choose relevant, interesting and helpful topics for blog posts, articles and press releases.

Part two will talk about how to include keywords naturally, why paying attention to detail matters, and reveal one of the must-haves needed for your website to do well in Google’s search algorithm. I will also advise you on two mistakes to avoid, which include the most common and deadly of missteps when it comes to ranking well with Google.

Including Keywords Without Sounding Spammy

Good content also includes keywords, but the keywords should flow naturally within the article or press release and be relevant to the piece. If the non-SEO savvy reader can scan an article or press release and pick out the keywords, then the content is not written well enough. Keywords help a search engine decide what pages are most relevant to a search, but readers do not need to be spoon-fed as to what a page is about, according to Ali Husayni.

“Ultimately, humans are more important than the search engine because they are the ones who buy, the ones who will share the content, and the ones who will get you the backlinks to the content, so always strive for a natural tone and relevant topics,” Husayni said.

Husayni uses a team of advanced SEO marketing researchers, the latest analytics reports and specialized formulas to find and prioritize clients’ keyword selection and link building. Businesses can find out their best keywords by doing their own research, or hiring an SEO consultant to analyze current SEO work or an SEO coach to train and hire in-house employees with the techniques they need to be successful.

Give Customers A Glimpse Of The Company’s Character

A company that pays attention to details within their website content is telling readers that they are thorough. People shopping around for services or goods like to know that their needs will be handled by a person or company that is thorough and attentive.

Misspelling and poor grammar are the most common mistakes that companies make in their SEO writing. Lanette Strong, an SEO copywriter, says overlooking details can give the impression that the writer is ignorant or does not care about his or her work. Blatantly false statements made because of lack of research or proofreading make a company look less reputable.

“Research, grammar and spelling are of the utmost importance for blogs,” she says. “You need to have all the facts first, and then re-read the post for grammar and spelling errors.”

Husayni stresses the importance of hiring a professional copywriter who is a native English-speaker.

“You are creating content to show your expertise in your particular field, and you don’t want to hinder your efforts because you don’t write well in English,” Husayni said.

Millionairium’s Editor-in-Chief Lorrie Walker says this is an obstacle that is easily overcome with the help of an English-speaking writer. A professional copywriter helps companies and businesspeople accurately portray their knowledge and professional image.

The Freshness Component: Don’t Leave Your Blog Without It

Google loves fresh content. They recently added a component to their search algorithm that takes into account how recently information was published when determining how relevant it is to certain search queries.

Husayni suggests, “Site owners should write for their sites on a regular basis. The more you post fresh, quality and relevant content on a site, the more you improve the odds of exposure and inclusion on Google search results.”

A regular basis could mean once every month or every other day, but the most benefit comes from posting often because of Google’s freshness algorithm. Google wants to give searchers the most relevant and up-to-date results on a topic.

Companies debating their number of postings should consider their purpose for the articles, according to Walker, who is also the owner of a public relations firm in Lakeland, Florida.

“If you’re just writing for search engines, you might get the results you want from three ‘OK’ articles,” she said. “But if you want customers, you have to provide relevant, quality content that will encourage people to read on and take action.”

Plagiarism Can Be Deadly For RankingsMagnifying Glass Picture

Filling a website with interesting content is the goal, but the content has to be original, not copied from other sources.

Walker says the biggest mistake people make when it comes to SEO content generation is seeing similar sites and loving the content, then simply copying it to their own website.

Google views that as duplicate content, and they penalize sites that copy. Readers do not appreciate copied content either and can quickly deem a site not worth reading if it is just regurgitating content they have seen before.

“Strive to enlighten the clients or patients instead of rehashing material over and over again,” Husayni said. “And never copy and paste material directly to your own website.”

What creating the best SEO content comes down to is a balancing act. There are certain components that must be included, but the process is fluid. To be successful, companies and writers must be flexible and make continuous adjustments to keep everything working together to accomplish the goal of building a site that Google loves.

Building A Site Google Loves: Writing Great Content (Part Two) was last modified: September 13th, 2018 by Millionairium
  • In a later post, I shall talk about some of the reasoning behind our choices.
    Great information here. I always do like looking up your posts.
    I really have learned a lot from them.

    shoe lifts insoles 7 years ago
  • @Paul
    Writing a good article doesn\’t take two weeks if you have someone professional do it. 🙂 But even if it does take two weeks, it\’s still worth while. Because then Google knows you worked hard two weeks while your competitor was sleep.

  • i want to know that if i adds a wordpress blog and update it regularly then will my site\’s ranking will go up, as i am only updating these blog will the ranking of all other pages of my site will go up or not

    jitin 7 years ago
    • Hi Jitin,

      What is your question? Megan Reilly here. 🙂

      Megan Reilly 7 years ago
  • @Megan Reilly
    Yes Ma\’m I am having a word press blog and i completely customized it for my site. But i am using it for publishing news articles.

    jitin 7 years ago
  • I want to know that if we include a blog on our site and posts articles regularly then only one page is fresh and all other pages of our website are same old so does google still increase importance of our website or just that new page?

    jitin 7 years ago
    • Jitin,

      Do you have a WordPress blog? That is my first question to you.

      Thank you,

      Megan Reilly 7 years ago
  • Hey. Writing good articles takes a lot of time. Due other works, an article may take 1-2 weeks to complete. Google is making the world-people go mad and waste time. What is your thought?

    Paul 7 years ago
    • Hi Paul,

      I respectfully disagree with you that Google is making for anything but a faster and more interactive world. With the fast-paced issue of it, articles need to take no longer than a few hours to write and distribute. If you have editors reading it and a couple of revisions (ideally), the entire process should take only a day or two. I advise not to take 1-2 weeks to write an article. I appreciate your time reading the story and hope that my perspective helps.

      Megan Reilly 7 years ago
  • I\’m guilty of copy and pasting, but only things that are unique, like twitter posts or quotes. Is that still wrong?

    Ancil Gonzales 7 years ago
    • Hi Ancil,

      There is a fine line between creating new content and using old information in a new way. Copying and pasting from your own Twitter or old post for an excerpt is OK (used very sparingly). But yes, if you just copy and paste across platforms, it isn\’t good for readers, or your Google ranking, sorry to say.

      Hope this helped.

      Megan Reilly 7 years ago