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6 In-Office Actions That Will Help You Get the Most from Your SEO Company

Working with an SEO company like Millionairium puts you at a distinct advantage over competitors. You now have at your disposal a motivated team of search engine optimization professionals who know what it takes to get your website noticed on Google.

Finally, you no longer have to worry about the competition encroaching on your Google status, and your office staff is free of digital tasks like blog writing and posting.

However, while you are allowed to relax with confidence knowing that Millionairium is at the helm of your SEO campaign, you should never rest on your laurels.

Search engine optimization (SEO) will put your website in front of interested prospects and future customers, but there are some things you could be doing to enhance the results your SEO campaign produces.

Maximizing SEO Campaign Results

Get Your Team Excited

Make your staff familiar with the work your SEO team is doing. Make them familiar with your website and profiles on various platforms. That way they can respond with authority if ever asked about them over the phone.

Get your team excited about the phone calls and office visits that are about to ramp-up thanks to your new marketing efforts. Whatever you do, encourage your staff to ask prospects how they heard about your business, and whether or not Google had a hand in their decision. This gives you instant feedback as to the effects your SEO campaigns are producing. Keep in mind that it can take up to three to six months for a new SEO campaign to bear fruit.

Encourage Reviews

Offer a free giveaway in exchange for your clients leaving reviews on Google. The reason you want to gather as many five-star reviews as possible is because a stellar Google ranking will always look better when it’s accompanied by four-to-five stars. And the only way to get those stars is to gather more online reviews.

Offer Specials

Host a special that encourages people to schedule an appointment via your website. The more people who land on and schedule through your website, the more authority your website will hold. Google will see that your site is a popular destination and that it works at converting clients, and that can sometimes give a major boost to your Google SEO.

Ask for Social Shares

Millionairium can produce engaging and search engine optimized blog posts and press releases ghostwritten on your behalf. When published and disseminated by Google, each piece offers another opportunity to earn a new lead. You can help to spread these posts around by encouraging your social audience to share the posts with their friends and contacts.

Blog posts and press releases can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Shared content is also valuable in Google’s eyes, which can contribute even more to your SEO campaign.

Host an Event

If Millionairium is building you a website using SEO best practices, hold an event celebrating the launch of your new site, and encourage your local area to visit the site for one or more new client specials.

Gather Images and Testimonials

An SEO company like Millionairium can do its job more effectively if you can produce before and after photos, client testimonials (both text and video testimonials), as well as any other promotional items you can come up with. These elements can be used throughout the Internet to poise you as the authority in your field, the King in your local area. That’s what it takes to dominate your market, and you can help your SEO team succeed by putting the ideas above into action starting today.

Want to learn more about what it takes to dominate your market with SEO? Contact the hard-working team at Millionairium or call (310) 299-2799 for a free consultation.

About Millionairium: A dedicated and hardworking search engine optimization team that specializes in gaining more online visibility for small businesses across the country.

6 In-Office Actions That Will Help You Get the Most from Your SEO Company was last modified: December 29th, 2018 by Ludy Yelp