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10 Signs You Should Invest in SEO

A staggering 47% of small to midsized businesses (SMBs) don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place. They may dabble in digital marketing, but they don’t have a clear-cut strategy. That’s not good.

If you happen to be a dabbler without a digital marketing strategy, you are missing out on the 54% of patients who prefer to find the cosmetic dentist of their choice via the internet.

Here are ten signs you should invest in the best search engine optimization services.

1. You Remain Clueless About Keywords and Google Rankings
What terms are people typing into Google to find your services? Those are the keywords you should be targeting in your marketing materials to show up prominently on Google.

Want to know where you rank for your keywords? Take this test: Type into Google Business Service + Your Area and see what shows up.

For example, if you type in “Cosmetic Dentist Maine,” assuming you’re in Maine, do you rank first, second, third, or somewhere down the page where people hardly ever venture? Or worse, do you show up on page 2, 3, or 10?

If you don’t know where you rank, you are doing your business a massive disservice. With all your customers searching online for the services/products they need, you are making it extremely difficult for new prospects to find you.

Wouldn’t it be better to rank within the first few listings so that your website shows up front and center whenever someone searches for you? Of course! That, my friend, is why you need a robust Google SEO strategy.

2. You Don’t Know if Your Content is Being Consumed
You may have a web page, but is anyone reading it? You could have a blog, but do visitors go there?

Putting out content is useless if you are not constantly monitoring that content for elements like views and engagement.

A digital marketing strategy will involve taking the content that is most well received by your audience and producing more of that content to ramp up engagement.

Peter Drucker once said that if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed. A digital marketing strategy will involve constantly monitoring your web analytics and then acting on that data to ensure your audience is riveted by what you’re putting out.

3. You Have Content That Isn’t Converting
You may be thinking – I have a website and a blog and people are reading it; I’m doing fine.
But are you?

If your website, blog and the rest of your SEO strategy (or lack thereof) isn’t delivering to your office a stream of quality patients, something needs to change.

A solid digital marketing strategy will involve marketing that not only gets consumed, but that causes decision-ready patients to call, leave a message, or walk-on-in.

4. You Find Yourself Struggling to Find Patients
Keep hearing cricket sounds in your office? Does your family members call your office line more than your customers? That’s a good sign that your online efforts aren’t working.

An effective SEO strategy will attract customers who are ready to commit and guide them into contacting you.

Of course, it is up to you and your team to provide excellent customer service to retain those prospects who call or walk-in, but your phone should be ringing, your inbox filling up, and your lobby bustling. That’s what a successful SEO strategy can do.

5. You Keep Missing Out on Quality Customers
Tire kickers. Aren’t they the worst? They call and want to know how much you charge for this and that, and most of them don’t even follow through.

You need clients who know the value of your services and who will say yes to those complicated suggestions that will help them make the best decisions – buying your best products.

A well-put-together SEO strategy can help you attract the types of clients YOU want, allowing you to build the type of business you’ve always envisioned.

6. You Maintain an Outdated Website
If your website looks like an old MySpace profile and it’s not responsive for mobile and tablet users, no one is going to take the time to visit your website, let alone read what’s written on it.

A current website is professional and attractive – and loads very fast (check your site’s speed here). The web copy introduces the team and and the business to the customer before he or she ever calls or steps into the office. Effective web copy also answers questions and alleviates concerns, saving everyone valuable time.

Best of all, a modern website is designed to convert. It has the practice name, telephone number and address proudly displayed, it contains plenty of smiling faces and testimonials, and it includes several methods for getting in touch. Clients who land on a good website want to call.

Does your website do all of that? If not, well, you know the rest.

7. You Have No Website at All
Not having a website is like not having a yellow pages ad twenty years ago. How can you hope to be noticed and – most importantly – chosen by prospective clients if they have no platform that allows them to learn more about you?

Do you really want to leave that kind of information to sites like Yelp? What if you have a bad review? Or a few bad reviews?

If you have a slew of bad reviews, get those fixed first, along with any internal processes that are causing those bad reviews to begin with. No SEO strategy can disguise bad service or product.

If you stand behind your services, having a website will allow you to control your own information. You can put out the type of information you want, which will be intended to inform and hopefully entertain current and prospective patients.

The thing is, your competitors have websites that are professional and designed to convert. Without a website, you won’t even be on a prospective client’s radar.

Get a website and show customers that you’re the big cheese in town and the best choice for their needs.

8. You Still Focus on Paid Print Ads
Speaking of yellow pages ads, if you’re still pouring money into phone books and newspapers, news flash, 2017 is here. It’s time to put that budget into a marketing method that is far more useful: SEO.

Most people toss out phone books the moment they’re dropped on the doorstep. Is that really a good investment into the future of your business?

And Newspapers? Do they even print those anymore?

Everyone uses Google. And people use their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet more than ever before.

A digital marketing strategy gives you easy, instant, and unprecedented access to clients on a daily basis. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of such an amazing opportunity?

9. You Don’t Have A Blog
A well-written and regularly published blog educates, entertains, and shows prospective clients a little of your personality. It’s your digital voice that can be used to draw clients into your business.

If you don’t have a blog, your website will appear abandoned. That’s not quite the online reputation you want to convey.

A robust Google SEO strategy that includes a blog will consistently breathe new life into your website while keeping your clients riveted with engaging content.

10. You Want Your Popularity to Explode
Imagine new clients searching Google and finding you right away. They visit your website and are blown away. They read for some time, then call or email your business. Because you’ve pre-qualified them, they are quality customers that offer years of lifetime value – and they will bring others after they see your great services/products.

All of that can be yours, but only if you invest in an SEO strategy.

Here’s the thing. SEO is time-consuming. It requires tons of research and consistent effort to keep your marketing strategy performing as you expect.

Instead of trying to tackle this monumental task all on your own, hire an SEO firm you can trust.

Millionairium is the best search engine optimization (SEO) firm for small businesses, and we can help you attract the customers you desire, allowing you to build the type of business you’ve always wanted. We now offer the best pay-per-performance Google SEO in the industry.

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10 Signs You Should Invest in SEO was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Millionairium