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Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!

  • Dr. Ali spent years and thousands of dollars working with SEO companies who couldn’t follow through
  • He started working with Millionairium and immediately began seeing results
  • Traffic to his website spiked 418% in a year and more patients than ever are finding him online

Detroit, MI – Dr. Ali recently checked his online traffic reports and noticed that the amount of visitors to his website had spiked an amazing 418% from just a year ago. What’s more, more patients than ever before are coming in and telling his staff that they heard about his cosmetic surgery practice through the Internet.

Dr Ali Traffic Report

“I couldn’t believe it,” said an amazed Dr. Ali, Dr. Ali, who operates the AMAE Plastic Surgery Center in Bloomfield Hills in Detroit. “It seems like yesterday that I couldn’t get more than 200 people to visit my site. Now I have about 650 a month and I’m getting more new patients than ever before due to my online efforts. I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised.”

What caused the major increase?Dr Ali

Almost exactly one year ago, Dr. Ali began working with Millionairium, our SEO company based in Evergreen, Colorado.

Soon after, he began seeing results, and traffic (and patients earned from the web) have increased ever since.

But his road to online domination wasn’t always paved with gold. Dr. Ali has endured many obstacles before he began working with Millionairium and his story is both heartbreaking and, unfortunately, all too familiar.

Lofty Ambitions and Expensive Setbacks

Dr. Ali began looking for an SEO company to beat his online competitors a little over eleven years ago, when he first opened his practice.

Sadly, his efforts to find a company to facilitate his digital ambitions only resulted in a heavy price tag and years of frustration. Yet despite all the doctor has been through, he was no better off than when he started.

Still, the doctor did not give up.

“I saw the value in SEO,” says Dr. Ali. “I knew that I needed to reach Google’s first page if I wanted to attract the most quality patients.”

Dr. Ali’s tenacity and his willingness to find a solution that worked brought him to a conference hosted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It was during that conference that Dr. Ali heard a man give a speech on How to Choose a Good SEO Company and Not Waste Money.

That speech was provided by Ali Husayni, our CEO.

The very title of the speech intrigued Dr. Ali, and after the speech had concluded, Dr. Ali cornered Husayni and told him his story, exclaiming, “This is the last time I will trust an SEO company.”

And what a gut-wrenching story it is.

Dr. Ali’s Story – A Costly Lesson to Learn

Dr. Ali had just opened his practice when he hired a company we will refer to as SEO Company A.

Since Dr. Ali was new to online marketing, he didn’t know what to look for or who to trust. This company set up a website and told the doctor they were engaging in the proper search engine optimization to get the practice found online.

After a year, however, even the doctor couldn’t find his practice when conducting an online search, so – naturally – he and Company A parted ways.

A short while later, Dr. Ali met a local man who promised to help the doctor gain SEO momentum. This partnership lasted only six months, with the man’s efforts doing little good.

Company B approached Dr. Ali a few months later, and the doctor finally felt he was home. This company maintained a massive production studio and engaged in marketing and SEO. It wasn’t until the doctor viewed his new website that he suspected something was wrong.

“I didn’t like the colors,” Dr. Ali said. “I asked them to make changes, and they said they were going to charge me for the extra work. But I never approved the colors to begin with.”

Turns out, this wouldn’t be the first time the doctor received a bill from Company B for charges he felt were hardly justified. “Just discussing things on the phone caused the guy to send a bill,” said a frustrated Dr. Ali.

Then Dr. Ali began working with Company C, another local agency that specialized in Public Relations. This company charged Dr. Ali for yet another website and SEO services, and for a while things looked to be on the up and up.

While it was true that Company C did improve Dr. Ali’s search engine rankings, he wasn’t gaining any new patients from the efforts, so he decided to go in another direction.

Company D promised Dr. Ali that within six months, they could have a new website ranking on the first page of Google for every one of his keywords. Dr. Ali was enamored with the company’s confidence and gave them the green light to proceed.

Within six months, Company D made good on their promise. The doctor was ranking for every one of his keywords, and all on Google’s first page.

Then, one day, the doctor discovered that clothing superstore JC Penney had lost its rankings and had been severely penalized by Google for using blackhat SEO techniques. That is when the doctor discovered that Company D had used the same underhanded techniques on his website.

The blackhat techniques involved shady backlinks from irrelevant sites, such as porn and dating sites. When Dr. Ali confronted the figurehead for Company D, her response was that she had done all that she had. Dr. Ali stopped working with Company D shortly after.

Dr. Ali went back to Company C, as they had talked a good game in enticing him to come back. And for a while, things appeared to be progressing well.

Then he began to lose rankings at a staggering rate. The company told him that, due to Company D’s blackhat buggery, his domain was spent, and he would have to purchase another one and pay for another website.

Company C charged him $12,000 for the new site and for a while things improved. This is after Dr. Ali had already spent thousands of dollars with all of the previous companies combined.

All in all, Dr. Ali had been through six SEO companies and still didn’t have much to show for it. That is when he walked up to our CEO Husayni after his impassioned speech and vented his frustration.

Husayni offered to help.

A New Assured Direction

Ali was clear and direct with Dr. Ali. “I told him that my team could help him, but that he would need to have patience,” Husayni emphasized.

As Dr. Ali tells it, he was very impressed with Husayni’s speech and felt that what he said made sense. “He sounded sincere and made it clear how things should be, something these other companies were never able to do.”

Not long after that speech was given, about eight months ago, Dr. Ali began working with Millionairium.

Millionairium Saves the Day

Husayni says that he was very careful not to give Dr. Ali false promises. “We told him that we would begin working on his SEO and that we would send regular reports showing his progress.”

Since that time, Millionairium has begun to work on a new and more modern site for Dr. Ali. This new site will be mobile friendly and easy to navigate, everything new patients are looking for when they search for a plastic surgeon online.

Dr Ali New Site

But it’s the doctor’s new search rankings that have really opened his eyes to our SEO team’s expertise.

Stellar Results After Only a Year

  • Out of 205 Keywords, 77 Now Rank on Google’s First Page

Keyword Rankings

  • 12 of Those Keywords Are On Page One in the Very Top Spot!
  • 32 Are in the Top Three Positions on Page One


Keyword Positions

  • The Keyword “Breast Augmentation Rochester Hills” Reached the Top Spot, a Jump of 34 Spots!
  • More Patients Are Being Referred By the Internet Than Any Other Year Since the Practice Opened


This, Dr. Ali feels, is just the beginning of great things to come.

Dr. Ali said, “They write blogs for me, stay on top of Google Algorithm changes and they gave me all the colors I want on the new site. Ali and his team are very easy to work with and I’m sure that I’m finally with the team I’ve been searching for all these years.”

Dr. Ali’s goal is to get on the first page of Google for every one of his keywords, and he’s already on his way to doing just that.

He also wants to educate and inform new and current patients with quality content, and the team at Millionairium has already produced some high-quality blog posts and press releases for online distribution.

Dr. Ali’s ultimate goal, however, is to make a return on his investment, which he feels confident will finally happen.

“Unlike these other companies that constantly gave me the runaround, Ali and the Millionairium team are actually doing the job. They are a pleasure to communicate with and they know what they’re doing. That’s all I’ve asked for since the beginning.”

The highly experienced and decorated Dr. Ali has a 99% satisfaction rate in his Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgery Center. He doesn’t oversell anything, and he prides himself on honesty and quality of care.

“We offer the best care we can,” Dr. Ali said. “And it seems to me that Ali and his team at Millionairium also pride themselves on honesty, and they don’t oversell. That’s why I feel good working with them and look forward to bigger and better things to come.”

If you have been frustrated with SEO companies in the past, it’s time to start working with a company that is honest and that will give it to you straight.

SEO is no quick fix, but the experienced and trained team at Millionairium will help you succeed online. If you want to get found online, contact us and someone will get back to you shortly.



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One thought on “Frustrated Plastic Surgeon Makes a Final Choice – And Sees Excellent Results

  1. incredible story. Dr. Ali was right to keep an eye open. unbelievable he had to go through 6 companies before he found the right one. it is important to have your business correctly listed as it is the way to increase traffic to your website. but it looks like his perseverence payed off..

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