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Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!


“Working with Millionairium has been a pleasure. I'm not an expert when it comes to SEO, so I appreciate how Matt and the team take the time to explain everything in a way I can understand. After having trouble coming up in searches, our website is now at the top. I'm so happy with the amazing results we've received!”

Janna Penhale

"Ever since Ali Husayni started helping me with SEO optimization, my rankings have jumped up to the first page. I have significantly more new patients a month and I was even able to hire a new hygienist because of the increase in patients!"

Dr. Pamela Li

"Ali has done SEO for me in the past. The results were good and he was a pleasure to work with. Very helpful!"

Dr. Neda Naim

"Ali and I had a few mutual clients and I saw firsthand the clients websites shoot up to the top of Google and increase their traffic to their website. I always refer Ali to offices when they are asking about SEO because I want them to use the best and Ali and his team are the best!"

Jake Gulick

"It has been a pleasure to work with Ali. He is very professional and great to work with."

Dr. David Alpan

“Millionairium has been the best marketing strategy for our practice. Our SEO campaign is the number one source for our new patients!”

Dr. Nanna Ariaban

"For two years I considered my orthodontic office the best kept secret in Miami. We were providing great service, fabulous results, in a state-of-the-science environment. Our website had been carefully designed, however it was hard to get the word out from page 7 or 8 on Google.I found Millionairium by chance while looking for a company that specialized in this new thing called SEO. I found a couple and unfortunately (fortunately) they were working with some local orthodontists and had them ranked #1 for months at that point. When I spoke to the good people at Millionairium, they pledged that if I gave them 6 months, they would get me to the first page. They never said they would get me to #1, as many companies start out saying.After 6 months, Millionairium delivered on their promise. We were on the 1st page! Another week after that, we were #1! They call themselves a boutique SEO company, and this is accurate. I highly recommend them."

Dr. Pedro Alquizar

"Excellent presentation! Very informative! Thank you."

Dr. Kaiulana Moimoto

"I attended the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) course in October 2013. The SEO course was absolutely fantastic. Ali gave a concise and clear presentation. His presentation was honest and direct. He did not try to sell anything or over promise anything. My impression is that Ali has a formula for long-term success and that plastic surgeons would be wise to attend these courses. I flew from Honolulu, Hawaii to attend the ASPS course. Ali's presentation alone was worth my flight."

Dr. David Cho

“I have known Ali for over 10 years. He worked for our SEO firm from 2003 to 2004 and was an exceptional worker. He has taken his knowledge of SEO, and particularly Google, to the next level, and I consider him to be one of the leading experts in our industry. He is hard-working, ethical, highly professional, and he gets results.”

Michael Barrow

"Ali is the epitome of integrity. His dedication to his clients' results causes him to hold the highest standards for quality and results in his work and that of the people who work with him. He over delivers for the internet based work and SEO that he has focused on in the past and is a thought leader in online marketing. His intelligence and courage to stand behind his work is unparalleled in this field from my experience. I have never seen or heard of anyone that guarantees their work like Ali does his. His regular clients in Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Law and other small businesses regularly see ROI of more than 500% and much more because the focus is on sales, not page ranking or popularity. Ali's dedication is the result of high standards and deep caring for others. It was a pleasure to work with a businessman so focused on creating abundance for his clients and so dedicated to improving the quality of their lives and the lives of their families. An avid student and rapid implementer Ali made shifts in areas of growth in minutes and hours that led to benefits for himself, his employees and co-workers and clients. I have high admiration for Ali as a person and businessman."

Jack Austin

Thanks for the informative lecture!

Dr. Devayani Arya

Excellent info on your lecture that I am listening to as I email you. I am social media shy and I appreciate any advise to overcome this.

Dr. Dana Cirtu

Good presentation. I will look you up. I practice in Colorado Springs. It seems to me that you are an honest person whom I feel I can trust to work with me and my practice. Thanks for your TO THE POINT PRESENTATION. JMA

Dr. Jose Arango

Your lecture was very informative.

Dr. Sheela Kudchadker

I appreciated your explanation how SEO works with Google. Informative.

Dr. Vivian Fan

I really enjoyed your lecture. I have never heard of some of the things that you mentioned about the websites. Hopefully ours is not too much of a cookie cutter one.

Dr. K.C. Dyer

Thanks for the informative lecture!

Dr. Matthew Fortna

Thanks for the informative lecture. It was good to learn that a blog is a good way to add content and improve the SEO.

Dr. Man Yee Chan

“Ali helped my father's dental practice double its size in less than 18 months. PERIOD. The guy is a genius. Thanks, Ali!”

Dr. Charles Nottingham

“A professional, goal oriented company. Ali and his team helped increase my patients from the Internet.”

Dr. Michael Stosich

"Ali and his team provide excellent results with search-engine optimization! Don't look anywhere else."

Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth


"Ali is a knowledgeable SEO expert who continues to remain at the forefront of all things related to search engine optimization. He has a proven track record of getting clients to the top of search results by using a variety of white-hat SEO approaches. I witnessed how those results would translate to increased sales for his clients."

Lorrie Walker

"Thank you for a VERY informative session on SEO optimization. I gained A LOT of information. This was the very best Website/Internet Marketing session I have taken."

Dr. John J. Iacobucci


"Ali Husayni and his team at Millionairium have proven their worth to us. Because of Ali and his team, we now have first page placement on Google for almost all of our keywords and this has resulted in a five-fold increase in traffic to our site."

Dr. Jay Winburn


"I was in court today with a client who found us by doing a Google search. He asked me what percentage of business we get from the Internet, and I told him that about half of our clients find us online. He said he could tell we had a really good SEO team when he found us on Google, and mentioned that he does SEO work for a living. He was very impressed. Thank you! "

John Griffith


"Ali, is very detailed oriented, his expert marking analysis was in-depth & thorough. It was presented in a very unique & entertaining fashion. His preparation for meetings was on time and methodical. Communication was A++."

Melinda West


"I've witnessed firsthand how hard Ali and his highly effective team work to bring additional revenue to their clients. Ali is honest and will not easily be satisfied. I recommend him and his team to anyone interested in increasing their bottom-line."

Hebat Badiee

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