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Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!
Ali Husayni

Pay Less for SEO and Die!

VILLA PARK, Calif. – Are you a price-shopper? Contacting many SEO companies to find who’s charging less “for the same thing” and signing up with them? How many times in the past few years have you done that? And you’re still following the same old …

CHICAGO – By now most of you should be familiar with Google’s latest effort to provide additional privacy to its users by switching 100 percent of Google searches to secure search. While many marketers may find this traumatic, the sky isn’t falling.

First, these …

Rita Zamora

A Neat Little Guide to Using Google Webmaster Tools

EVERGREEN, COLORADO – SEO is not one-size-fits-all, nor is it a one-time event. In today’s ever-evolving era of search engine optimization, it’s important to keep a close watch on the statistics of your website on a consistent basis. If you are unaware about the health …

Rita Zamora

Google SEO Evolution: Essential Questions Answered!

EVERGREEN, COLORADO – The search industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. Over the past few years, SEO has evolved in so many ways. The changes have been so dynamic that it’s become a real headache to keep current with the latest trends.

The infamous Panda …

Rita Zamora

It’s Time to Break Free of the Old SEO!

EVERGREEN, COLORADO – Many people have claimed that ‘SEO is dead.’ Well, this may be a good marketing tactic for some people. But, it’s actually an entirely bogus claim. SEO, in the truest sense of the word, is quite alive, up and kicking.

It’s evolving …

Nicholas Hartmann

Penguins, Hummingbirds & What These Changes Mean

TAMPA, FLORIDA – Google recently announced the launch of a new search algorithm called Hummingbird. On Oct. 4, it announced the release of Penguin 2.1. Forums lit up over the weekend as SEO experts discussed what these changes could mean to search results.

First, a …

Nicholas Hartmann

Have Google’s Updates Killed SEO Agencies?

TAMPA, FLORIDA — Rebecca Scully, managing director at the public relations agency Smarts wrote an interesting post on The Guardian’s website recently about the future of search engine optimization, public relations and content marketing.

She referenced Google’s recent updates that no longer give value to …

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – We talk a lot on this blog about how to increase your Google ranking and thus increase site traffic. If you read search engine and marketing blogs often, you may find your head spinning, up to your ears in SEO information. …

Rita Zamora

Link Building in the Post-Penguin Era (2013 & Beyond)

EVERGREEN, COLORADO – In the ever-changing (or ever-evolving) world of Google SEO, the typical SEO practitioner is challenged every day. Even today, the SEO of a website or blog very much revolves around links. But the way you used to build links has changed. As …

Nicholas Hartmann

It’s the Readers, Stupid

TAMPA, FLORIDA — Changes to the link schemes information in Google’s Webmaster Tools became the proverbial shot heard ‘round the search engine optimization world recently.

The biggest change SEO companies seem to be talking about has to do with the use of keyword-rich anchor text …

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