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Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!
Nicholas Hartmann

Matt Cutts Announces SEO Changes at SXSW

TAMPA, FLORIDA — It was this statement from Matt Cutts that instantly made me perk up and take note: “Normally we don’t…pre-announce changes, but there is something that we’ve been working on…to try to level the playing ground a little bit.”

I heard this during

Ali Husayni

Black Hat SEO Still Works with Google

EVERGREEN, CO — I’ve been a fan of white-hat SEO for many years. After all, Google likes white-hat SEO, and from its early years, I have promoted Google for its accurate search results. In my opinion, the main reason for Google’s success has been …

SANTA MONICA, CA — It’s refreshing to alleviate dread when it comes to the beginning of the work week, especially where our clients are concerned. For our clients who formerly had ineffective SEO strategies in place, the week often looked bleak when assessing the week’s …

NASHVILLE, TN – Every industry has its own jargon. Doctors, marketing executives and journalists tend to speak in different languages when they’re in a room full of peers. The world of search engine optimization is no different. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the unfamiliar …

Jessica Bates

Retrofoam of Arizona Catches Top Spot in Google Places

SANTA MONICA, CA – The Millionairium team is proud to announce another Top of Google Places announcement. The foam insulation company Retrofoam of Arizona has reached #1 on Google Places for “Phoenix Insulation.” Having an active SEO strategy is a vital part of the …

Ali Husayni

Becoming the Best SEO Company

EVERGREEN, CO — The two most important people in anyone’s life are their parents. They are the first two people who start shaping your character and are the ones whose influence are everlasting. To a great extent, we are all products of who our parents …

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Hopefully part one of Writing Great Content gave you a clear understanding of the main purpose of SEO Copywriting and how to choose relevant, interesting and helpful topics for blog posts, articles and press releases.

Part two will talk about how to …

SANTA MONICA, CA – At Millionairium, we have gone so far as to say that quality content matters so much that our SEO efforts are nothing… without a WordPress Blog (or wp-content). The importance of great content is crucial to a successful business, according …

SANTA MONICA, CA – As a writer and administrative assistant to the CEO of an SEO company that provides its customers with the tools for landing a top spot on the first page of Google, I have had the chance to meet many experts …

NASHVILLE, TN – TechCrunch reported on February 23 that Apple acquired Chomp, a company founded in 2010 to provide a search engine for mobile apps. They started solely with improving iPhone app results, and in 2011 they expanded to the Android market.

Android and iPhone …

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