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Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!
Michelle Kim

Controversial Blog Posts: Good or Bad for Business?

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – At Millionairium, we’ve talked about the importance of blogging for SEO. Whether you use Google blogs, WordPress, Tumblr or Weebly, the point of it all is to gain followers, to engage readers, and hopefully to convert those readers to customers.

Millionairium …

Megan Reilly

Google Update Means A Smarter, More Human-Like Search Engine

ORLANDO, FLORIDA-Google’s latest change to its algorithm is another step in their quest to make a search engine that thinks like a human, and-thankfully-it looks like bad news for the black-hat SEO companies.

Knowledge Graph was announced on May 16 and started rolling out to …

NASHVILLE, TN – In this age, most of us have information all over the Internet. Facebook knows way too much about me, Amazon knows what I buy, and Southwest knows where I fly. Barnes and Noble knows what books I read, and my bank knows …

Michelle Kim

The Best Free and Paid Directory Submission List

Originally posted on Jan 21, 2010 – The list here is now up-to-date.

Adding your site’s link to directories is the first step you should take in gaining link-popularity and therefore search engine ranking. My team spent hours testing hundreds of directories and prepared this …

Megan Reilly

Why Black-Hat SEO Is A Waste Of Time

ORLANDO, FLORIDA-Google has made a lot of changes to its search engine algorithm over the last couple of months, which had many SEO companies scrambling to keep up while their clients’ rankings felt the pain.

“If you made it through March without an email from …

Megan Reilly

Will Google’s Project Glass Change The Face Of SEO?

ORLANDO, FLORIDA-It seems that Google sees hands-free as the new frontier-first the debut of their self-driving car and now Project Glass, a prototype of augmented reality glasses that replace the need for a smartphone, camera or GPS.

Danny Sullivan, the editor-in-chief at Search Engine Land, …

Michelle Kim

How to Optimize Your Anchor Text for Search Engines

TAMPA, FLORIDA – Google is constantly launching search ranking updates to separate the wheat from the chaff. Google wants to give users high quality results and leave low quality results miles down the results page.

Courtesy of

As a result, webmasters face bigger challenges …

ORLANDO, FLORIDA-Ebay’s promotion of Magento Go is an excellent opportunity for online merchants to explore the SEO benefits the open-source, e-commerce product offers.

According to eCommerce Bytes, an independent news source for online retailers, the users of eBay’s ProStores were urged to switch to Magento …

David Chapman

Finding the Right SEO Company: Reviewing TopSEOs.Com

TAMPA, FLORIDA- When you’re looking for a company to improve your Web presence, you have many choices. So where do you start? A company with a proven track record of results is a good place.

You could find a company that fits that bill through …

ORLANDO, FLORIDA-Maybe the SEO team hit a wall or rankings tanked overnight or there are nagging questions about online reputation management. Whatever the problem is, an SEO consultant is often the solution.

Consulting is one of the three types of SEO services Millionairium offers. It …

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