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Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars! Millionairium - Making You The Next Million Dollars!
Nicholas Hartmann

Tips for Writing Great Press Releases Guaranteed to be Published

TAMPA, FLORIDA – Here’s something I’ve noticed in the five years that I’ve been involved in SEO copywriting: too many people (writers included, at times) don’t know what it takes to make a good press release.

Courtesy of

They understand the benefits of …

EVERGREEN, COLORADO– I think the number of internal links placed on one page is as debatable an issue today as it was a couple of years back, so I thought it would be good to dedicate my new post to this issue.

On March 9, …

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – The SEO game is fast. Google is constantly changing algorithms. Panda and Penguin updates upset some of the gray- to black-hat SEO work that you’ve already implemented.

The SEO game is also slow. It takes months to build a solid campaign. You …

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Google continues to improve its social networking platform Google+ to compete with social giants Facebook and Twitter. In January Google introduced Search Plus Your World to integrate personalized results on your search engine results page. Now Google has overhauled their look.…

Ali Husayni

I Wanted Cheap SEO

EVERGREEN, COLORADO– In the past week, I have spoken to three companies who have all complained about the same problem:

“We were growing in our rankings/traffic and all of a sudden, we dropped…”
“Our traffic dropped after Panda update…”
“We lost rankings for our main …

NASHVILLE, TN – Search engine optimizers from all over flock to Seattle July 25-27 for MozCon 2012. This year’s event at The Westin Seattle was sold out. Speakers from SEOmoz, Distilled, Above the Fold, BlueGlass and SEER Interactive will discuss timely search engine optimization tactics. …

Ali Husayni

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is one of the famous SEO terms representing the ratio of times a particular keyword or keyword phrase has been used in the writing, compared to the whole document. In other words, it tells you how frequent a keyword is stated in the …

Megan Reilly

Why Does My Google Places Page Look Different?

ORLANDO, FLORIDA-Have you noticed that your Google Places page looks different yet? Because it probably does as of last month when Google converted approximately 80 million Places pages into 80 million Google+ Local pages. This is a move toward integrating Search, Maps and mobile.

Rita Zamora

You Can’t Boost the SEO of Your Website Until You Know

EVERGREEN, COLORADO — Great SEO is all about establishing a long-term relationship with search engines.

To rank at the top of search engines, you should be able to “woo” the search engines as well as the users. If you continue to tweak your website without …

Michelle Kim

How to Rank in the Top 3 of Google Search Results

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – We all desire to reach that coveted top spot on Google search results. It’s no easy task, but it can be accomplished. Being in the top three is almost as important as being first, as most people are likely to check out …

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